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Message Added: Re: Re: Help! Baby has Spraddle/Broken leg???????????

Name: Pat Kellogg

Have you ever seen packing foam sheets that you can wrap around
glass frames to keep them from breaking? I think you could find
some of it you could buy at stores like Mailboxes Etc. that
will send out pacages for you.

Slayed legs are legs that come straight out at the hip on the
baby, like _O_ instead of underneath them so they can't stand
up on them normally.

I cut out a square about 1/2 inch wider than the baby's body. It has to
have the slits in the packing foam as close together as the legs would
normally be. It is a very flexible foam, and sometimes you find picture
frames and glass items wrapped with this packing foam to protect them.

It is about 1/8 to 1/16 inch thick, I'd think you'd say.

Hope that helps.