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Yogi and the human she owns, Pat Kellogg

Yogi has left Charlie, her mate after
flings with Stubby, Mr. Suzy,
and a long term relationship with Budso,
and has set up housekeeping
with Yoshi, a heavy pied cockatiel. They have cared
for 2 clutches of babies. These included 3 heavy
pieds and 2 pearl pieds (like Yogi).


Yogi update

Yogi got very ill with giardia in August, 1999.
I was very afraid she wouldn't pull through.
She went down from 100 grams to 72 grams.
I gave her medication for giardia and an antibiotic.
Progress was very very slow. She is now much
better and up to 107 grams.

It's a miracle.


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